Divadlo Drak

Divadlo Drak a Mezinárodní institut figurálního divadla, Hradební 632/1/632, Hradec Králové

Drak Theatre was founded in the year 1958 and quickly became a popular puppet theatre, but also was integral in the development of Czech and subsequently world-wide puppetry as a whole. Many of its productions brought fresh and often innovative approaches, for which it received many awards at home and abroad. Thus its influence reaches far beyond the borders of the region and the Drak Theatre name is internationally renowned.

Drak Theatre performs its plays for people of all ages, from afternoon presentations for children from preschools and schools and Saturday matinees for the whole family to evening performances meant for adolescent and adult audiences. In addition to this it also develops a wide range of other creative activities, which makes it an open and modern cultural institution.